How To Install Plugins on Mac (Synth1 VST installation)

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Hello everyone! I want to give a warm thanks for all the positive feedback I’ve gotten from my previous video titled “Synth1 VST Over 25,000+ Sound Presets!!! *2016*”. Here on this blog, if you’d like you can download the 25,000 presets here. I made this video in response to all the MAC users out there having trouble installing the Synth1 VST on their system. This video tutorial should show you how to install plugins on mac in general but in this case the Synth1 Vst. The process is the same for all other VST installations.

How To Install Plugins on Mac

I notice that a lot of MAC users across the net have had numerous issues when it comes to the installation of Vst plugins. Some have complained about presets for various VST’s not showing up, and others have complained about compatibility issues. Always remember that there are 2 folders that you’ll be working with when installing plugins. This is very important when knowing How To Install Plugins on Mac. Those 2 folders will be labeled COMPONENT & VST (as shown below):

How To Install Plugins on Mac
The “Component” & “VST” folder will always be the 2 main folders for installation with VST’s on MAC


ALSO, special thanks to Youtube User: “LukeVonDukeSP” for an easy alternative method for installation as quoted!:

“Also. Another way to install the Presets, Click OPT on the bottom and CLick Browse… ExtBank folder(Zip) and select the folder where u downloaded the Preset Packs. I found it to be easier especially since I did not install it into VST Plugins Folder. Thank u again for the presets!”


Hope you found this guide helpful! Thanks for reading.



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