How to make a beat in Fl studio | House music tutorial

Hello fellow music producers!

Here’s another throwback post for an FL Studio house music tutorial I did many years back. Fl Studio has reigned supreme as “the best daw for beginners“, and has proven itself time and time again to be the #1 most user-friendly, very intuitive daw. Unfortunately, my first tutorial video of the series on my Youtube Channel was removed for…get this…. “inappropriate content”.



Anyways, I have the part 2 and part 3 video that many people still might find helpful.



The Fl Studio house Tutorials I posted are years old, but still very relevant to users of the software today. It’s not as ‘in depth’ as other tutorial videos on Youtube, but it’s more of a quick, rundown of how to make music with Fl Studio. This is aimed towards all producers of any type of genre. Be it, hip-hop production or EDM production. Now if you really really really want to learn this DAW inside out, I highly recommend checking out Sonic Academy’s Fl Studio Tutorial series (paid). You can click the pic below to check it out!  Otherwise, do a scavenger hunt on Youtube and you’ll find a vast # of (free) tutorials that’ll jump-start you from noob to pro in no time.


Sonic Academy

Thanks to the internet, music making has never been easier with the endless amount of help and support you can find to help aid you in your journey with music production. Be on the lookout for my next here on the Producer’s Den


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