Free Vst Plugins & Sample Packs For Fl Studio *Throwback*

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This is a throwback post sharing my my popular video on my Youtube channel uploaded a few years ago that has amassed over 50,000 views!!! In the video, I show numerous websites where you can get Free Vst Plugins – FREE VSTI/VST/SAMPLES & VOCALS (as in acapellas) for absolutely FREE! (No scam, no bullshit, no surveys). And they are all royalty free so their isn’t any copyright restrictions or permission needed for the use of all content.

Over the years, I have tried my best to keep all Free Vst Plugins links in the video description up to date. So far, a few links have either gone dead or have redirected to other non-related sites. Those links have been replaced with new, working links as of October 2018 and all links seem to be working perfectly fine. If there are any other dead links that may come up in the near future, please let me know so I can replace them as I check the links periodically but not every single day.

UPDATE: As of October 2018, this video has amassed over 60k views!

Free Vst Plugins


Soon, I’ll be sharing another secret online database that I came across that gives users who register complete access to literally over 100,000+ samples for all genres. Yes you heard that right. I know it sounds to good to be true, but the internet itself is a vast world with gobs of freebies and downloadable content. This is one of the main reasons why I created this site in the first place. I have taken it upon myself to do the hard work and due diligence for millions of other aspiring music producers out there.

Speaking of Free Vst Plugins, if you’re interested I also posted another article where I gave away 25,000+ SOUND PRESETS FOR SYNTH 1 VST.

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