Chymera – Wish | Techno Reactions Ep.002

Welcome to episode 2 of Techno Reactions. In this episode, I react to one of my all-time favorite tracks Chymera – “Wish” and give the backstory on how I discovered this track:

Track Name: Chymera- Wish (2007)
Label: NRK Sound Division

I discovered “Wish” back when I was in my senior year of high school while discovering new music on Youtube. When I first listened to it, I immediately resonated with the progressive and melodic structure of the track. I have always referenced Chymera as being one of the most original and unique artists in electronic music. He has a way of crafting melodies that are euphoric yet simplistic in its approach. Listening to Chymera always feels like a breath of fresh air as he remains one of the few artists who has stuck to his roots without deviating too far from it. 

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Chymera wish


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