Top 5 Electronic Music Artists on My Radar for Q1 2019

We’re already just about three months in for 2019 and it is already getting off to a great start for the first quarter of electronic music. Towards the end of 2018, I’ve discovered many great artists who have pushed the boundaries and are gaining more traction and notoriety due to their unique, signature sound. I’m not just talking about 4 to the floor stripped down techno, but for other styles such as deep house, Detroit techno and the likes thereof. In this post, I’ll be sharing with you the top 5 electronic music artists on my radar for the 1st quarter of 2019. Artists who have proven themselves to be gifted and influential with an arsenal of hidden gems. That is.. 12″ Vinyl’s that I’ve been trying to dig off the Discogs site to add to my collection. My wishlist grows larger and larger with more artist discovery and I can’t get enough of it!


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Voiron (France)




Even though Voiron has been releasing music for about 5 years now, I have never heard of him until the latter half of 2018. I first discovered him when I came across his track “Station Cibie” (released 2014- Cracki Records)  while listening to a Soundcloud mix by another one of my favorite electronic music artists ASOK.



Immediately upon listening to this track, it became one of my favorite closing tracks for 2018. Voiron is a producer from France who seems to have a lot of originality and variety in his style of production. In fact, France has always been known to birth very talented electronic music artists who all seem to have a distinct sound. I’ve said the same about artists from Amsterdam as well. Not to mention there’s another French artist on my radar of whom I’ll share later down this post. “Station Cibie” has more of a sinister, break-beat feel to it with a tinge of Detroit techno fashion. As you explore deep into his catalogue of music, you’ll also find an array of heavy acid bassline tracks and more breakbeats, but his style revolves mostly around the Detroit techno style. There’s still a lot more of Voirons work that I have yet to discover but spending a few hours on his SoundCloud certifies that he has that sound that I feel is indispensable with today’s electronic music going forward. For this, Voiron deserves a spot on my top 5 Electronic Music Artists for Q1 2019




NO MOON (United Kingdom)





NO MOON of the Cragie Knowes Record label is one of those mysterious artists who barely has any pictures of themselves on the net. I’m sure that’s intentional. But in retrospect, his music is fluid, unique and storytelling enough to force his persona out there in the forefront. Upon discovering NO MOON about a year ago, I get the idea that his music is greatly inspired by sci-fi, aliens and outer space. You can definitely hear those influences in his tracks. I’m a big fan of No Moon due to the fact he’s one of those artists keeping the Detroit Techno vibe alive and thriving today. Cleverly laid out punchy kicks, raw analog basslines and crispy high-hats with melodies to traverse you to other worlds. His style is like none other, which has earned him a well-deserved spot for my top 5 Electronic Music Artists for Q1 2019.






RECID (Croatia) 




Recid, Recid, Recid…

Discovering Recid literally felt like finding a diamond in a field of rocks. All it took was one single track for me to fully convert to his work. I remember when I first heard his track “Cave” at the end of a Vince Watson mix and not even halfway through I immediately went on Discogs to order the 12″ “Too Fast” Vinyl. It’s not very often that I hastily buy the corresponding Vinyl shortly after listening to a track but it’s that f*cking good. It’s one of those tracks that every DJ should have in their collection and it’s the perfect secret weapon to drop in the middle of a set. It’s dark, ambient, mysterious, and hauntingly brilliant.





Another masterpiece that you should check out is a track by Recid called, “I don’t know”. Pure genius, four to the floor heavy hitter with an arp melody that phases in and out of the track. Perfect opening track for a night-time set or just a track to cruise to at night before getting a speeding ticket. (Let’s hope you don’t)







Pépe (Spain)





Listening to the melodic, lush Detroit Techno gems of versatility from Pépe is like breathing in a breath of fresh, clean air. He’s one of those artists that has a style that I feel is missing in today’s electronic music. It’s like finally fitting that one last puzzle piece to complete the puzzle. Pépe is a young, musically bright and talented artist in his twenties from Spain who has already found himself on some of the most stellar, underground labels like Lobster Theramin and Renascence. You can tell by listening to his music that he’s heavily inspired by the old school Detroit techno pioneers, from the likes of Juan Atkins or The Martian “Mad Mike Banks”. His signature touch is that of an uplifting, merry vibe. Have a listen below and you’ll know what I mean!





BALTRA (France)



Baltra is what I like to refer to as the modern day, one man version of Daft Punk. Every time I hear his music it reminds me of Daft Punks early works on the highly acclaimed “Discovery” album. He has a plethora of iconic, deep house bangers with angelic vocal features that are sure to stick in your head. Nothing short of funky, hypnotizing and mesmerizing.





Baltra has also landed himself on an assemblage of well-known labels such as Anjunadeep, Cragie Knowes (also home to the artist “NO MOON”), the eclectic Detroit Techno label Ghostly International, and more. Hell of a way to have a successful hurl in the industry early on!
Another thing I notice about Baltra in his music is the fact that he’s a strong proponent of the recent, ever-so-popular lo-fi chillwave fad. As a matter of fact, that’s actually how I first discovered him. One night, my hometown here in Austin, TX had a two-hour radio lo-fi chillwave mix playing on 91.7 KVRX. That was when I first heard his track, “Soul 4 Real (Vocal Mix)” and I remember immediately struggling to pull my phone out of my pocket while driving to Shazam the track. That damn track is deep and funky it’s dangerous! (Posted below). I can’t wait to hear his new upcoming releases and pretty soon I’ll have a 12″ up on my shelf. Baltra has for sure earned himself a spot on my list for Top 5 Electronic Music Artists for Q1 of 2019.







And there you have it. That’s my Top 5 Electronic Music Artists that are in my radar for quarter one of this year. I’ll also be doing a quarter two top 5 post. Now mind you, these picks are strictly “underground” artists so to speak. By no means are they mainstream or even close to mainstream status. I’ll save that for another post!


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-Brandon Peoples
Techno-Addicts Blog

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