Top 5 Best Techno Tracks For A Night Drive

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“Oh yes oh yes” as King Carl Cox would say. These “top 5’s” are sure to be a fun one. If you’ve ever been on Youtube I’m sure you’ve already seen all kinds of top 5 this and top 10 that videos. So I thought it’d be interesting to make a top 5 best techno tracks series for Electronic music regarding tons of artists and tracks, as I don’t think anyone has done it before quite yet. I plan on making many of these. As you already know I am one of the biggest, helpless electronic music junkies out there so right from the dome I know hundreds and hundreds of tracks by memory. Whenever I compile a “top 5 best techno tracks” list, just know that the list was very carefully and mindfully constructed considering there are TONS of other options I left out. I am very confident in my picks and perceived these tracks to be the most fitting for a night drive in terms of theme, ambience and production style. Don’t worry though, I’ll more than likely extend it by doing a part 2 and maybe a part 3 for this one in particular. Driving at night is one of my favorite activities to engage in as I cherish the nighttime and it helps me clear my thoughts while on the road. I’m sure many people would agree. So without further adieu, I would like to introduce to you the Top 5 Best Techno Tracks For A Night Drive.


#5:  Funk D’ Void- “Flealife” 




If you haven’t heard of Funk D’ Void you’re missing out big time. Funk D’ Void has a pleasurable catalogue of some of the most iconic tracks in electronic music. The proof in the pudding is his long-term status on top electronic music labels such as Sven Väth’s Cocoon Recordings and Digweed’s Bedrock Records. The reason why I picked his track “Flealife” is simply because the track has a very night law, smooth lounge party-like feel to it. It has these wonderfully crafted chord stabs that carries out throughout the track with some playful filter sweeps on the breakdown. And it’s also no surprise that the video itself features a timelapse of the nightlife. 😉



Funk D' Void




#4: Wata Igarashi- “Night”




Time and time again I have considered Wata Igarashi to be one of Japan’s finest electronic music artists to date. I even mentioned it on my Instagram a little while back. I’m actually very happy that Wata is one of the leading contributors to the newly flourishing awareness of the electronic music scene in Japan. He has a very unique production style in the sense that he favors arpeggiated leads and basslines, which calls for a singular style synonymous to himself. Hence the title “Night”,  I picked this track because the punchy kick and wobbly sub-bass are to die for on a good sound system. As well as the pads that come creeping in, creating this atmospheric work of art as the track progresses. The entire track just screams nighttime. Every time I listen to it I envision myself dancing my soul away at a night rave in Japan.







#3 Vince Watson- “Pure Innerse”




Vince Watson is what I refer to as “200 IQ” techno, plain and simple. I honestly don’t think there is another artist out there who has a catelogue of musical works as extensive as Vince Watson’s across all of his aliases. I refer to him as the body and soul’ of Electronic Music. He was also the very first artist I wrote about in my ‘Electronic Music Artist Insight (EMAI) series’. The man is a bloody brilliant GENIUS when it comes to sheer quality and arrangemenrt. He is also one of my personal, top 3 favorite electronic music artists of all time. The reason why I picked his track “Pure Innersense” is because once upon a time, it was this exact same track that almost got me a speeding ticket years ago as I was speeding to it at night (funny true story). Interestingly enough, after pulling me over the cop was even curious as to what I was listening to and I cranked up the volume for him to hear. The response I was given was the face of confusion and perk of interest all at the same time. Luckily, the cop let me off. Every time I hear it reminds me of the time I got pulled over by a state trooper haha (ah, goodtimes.)


“Pure Innersense” is a medley of deep pulsating basslines, lush melodies and crisp claps and hi-hats all the while maintaining the perfect velocity. (Just be careful not to get too lead-footed like I did once you play it in the car.)



Vince Watson




#2: Chymera- “Wish”




Chymera is another one of my top favorite artists who I not only have a tremendous amount of respect for, but he’s also very humble. A little fun fact: I actually used to exchange emails with Chymera back in 2010 shortly after I graduated HighSchool and had a brief Skype session with him as well for music production advice. He’s one of the few artists who took time out of their busy lives to reach out to one of his die-hard fans, and that means a lot to me. I will never ever forget it. Although humble and meek in personality, his music speaks volumes and packs a powerful punch. I don’t want to go to deep into Chymera’s music as I’ll save that for a future EMAI post, but I had to include his track “Wish” which is still a top 5 all-time favorite of mine. It’s a storytelling, lush, well-thought-out track in the intricate details and is bound to compliment your night drive.







#1: Stump Valley- “Caruso”




I don’t know too much about Stump Valley, all I know is that they’re part of the incredible French label Les Yeux Orange which has birthed a plethora of extremely talented artists and has pumped out some of the most unique electronic music like I’ve never heard before. Take this track “Caruso” for example. According to legend, Stump Valley literally moved their entire studio offline and into the wilderness with no internet connection whatsoever and spent a period of time creating music and nothing else. In this track, you’ll hear the result of how ‘going off the grid’ can greatly empower music for the better. 

Unlike the more uptempo tracks previously mentioned, I picked the more down-tempo “Caruso” as the #1 pick for the top 5 best techno tracks to blast on a night drive list due to it’s majestic, mysterious and enchanting ambience which I believe would be the perfect fit for a night cruise.  It’s a genius piece of music in every way imaginable and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!



Stump Valley




And that’s my list for the top 5 best techno tracks to blast on a night drive. Next time you decide to hop in the car and go for a cruise at night, don’t forget to grab your auxiliary cord and crank any one of the following tracks I shared for a guaranteed good time. I hope you enjoy these tracks as much as I did while cruising at night.


-Brandon Peoples
Techno Addicts Blog 2018



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