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VycVyper Recordings- “The Past, Present, and Future

VycVyper Recordings is an Electronic Music label that I (Brandon Peoples) created back in 2012. The label was established with the help of a good old friend of mine from Stockholm, Sweden. The reason I started VycVyper Recordings was to provide myself with a hub that would enable me to release music free of all boundaries and limitations. ‘VycVyper‘ is also the name of my more melodic techno alias- alter ego that I produce under. My other alias is ‘Psychadea’ which is a darker, harder techno alias I produce under that has not yet had a public release. For more mainstream releases, I just release under my own name ‘Brandon Peoples’. Currently, the label has about 15+ tracks that can be found around the net that are all 5+ years old, but I plan on doing a cleanse of some old music on the label and releasing more modern tracks. A lot of my older stuff is of low quality and was more-so an experimental experience of finding my own sound which was a prolonged, highly elaborate discovery. As of August this year, the label has turned 6 years old. It is safe to assume that the label should have many more releases by now, but I went through extended periods of sabbaticals due to other personal circumstances in life. However, I do have over a hundred projects in my arsenal that I’ve secretly accumulated for quite some time, but just never released to see the light of day. So VycVyper Recordings will undergo a proper revival pretty soon. It has been long awaited! I figured the first step would be to start with the artwork.


 VycVyper Recordings
“This is the old artwork for the label (2012)”

VycVyper Recordings
“New Label Artwork Logo (2018)”

Since owning my LIVID CNTRL:R midi controller, making music is very fun and I often feel like I’m in a flow state when doing sound design and creating loops. It’s no longer a monotonous task for me but rather, a moving and thrilling experience. As electronic music artists, we create the notes. The electronic music that we create is an extension of many different things derived from our existence. Whether it’s our dreams, our thoughts, our feelings, and emotions. The people we meet, the places we travel to. We can all map it down using a flurry of ‘building blocks’ of sound to tell our own, unique story to the world. VycVyper Recordings will reveal to you my own personal story and journey.


-Brandon Peoples
Techno Addicts 

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