Vince Watson – ‘Via’ Album The Best Album of 2018

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Vince Watson – ‘Via’

The Journey Continues

Vince Watson Via


Vince Watson never ceases to amaze me with the amount of work he puts into his craft. Listen to any of his singles and you’ll understand why I refer to him as ‘200 IQ Techno’. His music is in a league of its own and he is undoubtedly one of the most versatile music producers in the game. If you’ve ever explored his catalogue, you’ll notice that it’s very obvious that his musical style touches all points of the spectrum. From ambient to classical, to hard 4-to-the-floor heavy hitters to make you go bonkers. Over the years, Vince Watson has touched base with these different musical approaches through the release of various successful albums such as “Ever-Soul Needs A Guide” which showcased his aptitude for classical music. “Sublimina” was a deeper, more fluidised album while “Life Is Beautiful” under his “Quart” alias introduced his fans, both old and new, to a distinct side of himself quite contrary to the electronic music resume he formulated.


Via’s story began on the road. The concept came through Vince’s touring between gigs by car and train in mainland Europe. He wanted a driving, deep, musical sound palette to immerse himself in between gigs and could not find any current appropriate techno album he wanted to listen to. With the release of “Via”, I couldn’t wait to sit down and listen to the album all the way through. Whenever a favorite electronic music artist of mine releases a new album, I take it upon myself to sit down and rid myself of any and all distractions to focus on only the album itself. To me, that is how I fully immerse myself in the music to not only enjoy it but render a true auditory insight on what is being presented. Listening to Vince Watson’s “Via” was a joyride experience for me that I couldn’t wait to share it with others. Every track is pure perfection in its own way and I also think the sequence of tracks on the album was done immaculately. In my opinion, I think this is probably Vince Watson’s best work to date. I’ll share a few of my favorites from the album.



Vince Watson – “Time For Reflection”


“Time for reflection” is definitely my #1 favorite track on the album. It has an arpeggiated melodic groove that carries on earlier in the track all the way to the end with a humming sub-bassline to compliment. In the middle of the track, it reaches it’s full vehemence as the atmospheric pads fade in from the background with a haunting lead synth panning from left to right. Towards the end, it closes off in an ambiance that is sure to invoke the emotion inside you.


Vince Watson – “Tale of Two Cities”


“Tale of Two Cities” exactly that. A tale. Although the mystery of these two cities remains, the track is storytelling and it reminds me so much of his track “Eon” that was released back in 2014. It has that same infectious bassline and momentum. I also love the arrangement. Listening to this track takes me back to old school Vince Watson of the latter part of the ’90s into the early 2000s.


Vince Watson- “Arrival” (My favorite)


Needless to say, this track holds the most feeling and sentiment in my opinion and I love how it was placed as the last track on the album before the remix track. It spoke volumes to me and it is in this track that captivates that signature staple that Vince Watson is known for with his musicality. It’s a masterpiece.


Hopefully, you enjoyed my little mini review of Vince Watson – ‘Via’. If you like what you read, please support the artist by checking out the album here on Bandicamp. You can also preview all of the tracks on that site. I pray that the album has a Vinyl release in the future so I can add it to my collection. For now, it’s just a dream!

-Brandon Peoples
Techno-Addicts Blog 2018

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