Techno Reactions | Where I’ve been and Life update

So in light of this year being quite a horrid one for the rest of the world, amidst all the covid-19 adversity, I made an update on the Techno Reactions Youtube channel. It’s been quite some time since I uploaded an episode and I felt that it was my due diligence to explain myself for going mia. Although it was within good reason, sometimes life gets in the way and throws a speed bump towards your momentum. Since starting this project, I arrived at a fork ended road with three destination choices. Should I keep going? Should I stop? Or should I give it some more time to take care of personal life matters? All in all, no one wants to remain subscribed to a youtube channel who can’t seem to deliver the content that they promise correct?


Techno Reactions 001


From what I shared so far, one would presume that I’m a bit hard on myself. And it’s true, but that is simply because I’m a helpless overachiever. As a self-proclaimed internet entrepreneur, I grab the bull by the horns as I take on my daily tasks without going insane (sic!….) Anyways, hopefully this update video sheds some light on what’s been going on in my personal life. As I mentioned in the video, I made the conscious decision to invest in more studio equipment for video production.

I did this in hopes of becoming more motivated to dish out more content on an ongoing basis. Anyone who’s ever dealt with writer’s block in the past knows how daunting it is. So sometimes you have to go backwards beyond procrastination and make a pledge to motivate yourself. Techno Reactions is a project that I started mid last year and it means a lot to me. It’s not about having a platform that enables me to share my passion with the world. It’s about the gateway that it gives like-minded individuals around the world with the same passion to share it with me. 



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