Spotify For Artists Allows Independent Artists Music Uploads

Spotify for Artists allows independent artists to bypass the record label requirement hurdles to upload their music.  Click To Tweet

Spotify For Artists

This is great news for independent music producers worldwide. Especially for us bedroom producers hoping to discover new ways to seed our music throughout the net to share with the world. Spotify is one of the largest music sharing platforms to date and having this feature is an opportunity to not pass up. Spotify announced that they will allow independent artists not yet signed to a record label or distributor to upload their music to help aid the promotion process. Although it’s still in beta phase based on invite only, it will eventually be publically released to the masses.

Here’s an excerpt from their official upload beta guide for Spotify for Artists:



Available in limited beta.

Uploading music through Spotify for Artists is currently available by invitation to independent artists based in the United States. To be eligible to release through Spotify for Artists, you must control the distribution rights to your music, and you must have a US bank account and tax ID.

Right now, we’re testing these features with artists and using their feedback to improve these tools before we expand availability. We’ll be rolling out to more artists and labels over time, and you can sign up here to learn more about our plans.”



You’ll have the capacity to upload music straight to Spotify and keep track of analytics. You’ll see a precise report that will preview how everything will appear to audience members before you even hit submit. Also, even after your music goes live, you’ll be in full control of your metadata information.  To further sweeten the deal, you’ll also be paid on a per stream on Spotify. Your musical chronicle eminences will grow your balance consistently every month, and you’ll see a reasonable report of how much your streams are procuring from Spotify for Artists.


…..and the best part? 

Spotify for artists has zero cost for uploading music and you’ll receive all of your royalties without having to dish out any unnecessary fees or commisions. Which is a feature that separates Spotify from a lot of other music sharing platforms out there. All you really have to do is make sure that your releases are in the proper audio formats as explained in the guide to ensure successful uploads including the correct metadata to help people find your music. If such a company as colossal as Spotify would allow such awesomeness, hopefully as time progresses we’ll have other music sharing platforms follow suit, both old and newly established.

Take advantage of this!

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-Brandon Peoples
Techno-Addicts Blog



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