After yet ANOTHER hiatus due to a multitude of life events outside of my control, I have returned. Episode 8 of the Techno Reactions youtube series brings us my darkest techno track that I’ve reacted to date. This track is a pure joyride to listen to from start to finish. A dark, sinister masterpiece by none other than “RECID”, whose real name is “Andrey Dyachenko” hailing out of Ukraine. I discovered this artist about a couple of years ago and did not get the chance to listen to his full music catalog. But suffice to say that this track is a hidden gem, to say the least. RECID is an artist who I fully anticipate to increase in popularity in the coming years. I must say, that I had a thrill doing this reaction video for this type of track. I hope you enjoy it! 

 Recid Cave- Techno Reactions

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