Life Update: Where I’ve been for the past few months.



So first off, happy new year all you techno addicts! This is my first post in a few months here on my blog so while I’m anxious to get into the meat and potatoes of this post, “we need to talk”.

Why I took my Hiatus

We need to talk“. Scary words right? Well, 2020 has already started off to quite an interesting ride, and needless to say, alot can change in just a few months of living. Due to unexpected family emergencies, and my own personal health, I had to shift my full attention and focus on such occurrences.  The good news is that everyone is ok including myself. Bad news? Well, there’s no bad news when everyone is alive and breathing well! Many of you may have also been aware that I am what you would call a “multi-potentialite”. Which is the most accurate term to describe my experience delving into different hobbies/passions that are cultivated around businesses. For those of you who don’t know, I am an avid day trader during moonlight in the foreign exchange market. It is the one hobby that contributes to my mildly baggy eyes and all my pre-mature grey hairs at just the young tender age of 27. But it does pay, and that’s all that matters. For the past year or so I’ve really buckled down on putting together a full-fledged course where I teach both newbies and seasoned traders alike how to trade my forex system. A forex trading system that took me  in total about 3 years to develop. So yes, that now makes me a Forex mentor. I’ve also released a 25+ page e-book last month as well. So these are goals that I am sincerely proud of achieving. I know these are terms that most of you are probably oblivious to, but I just wanted to share a few of my accolades over the past few months which I am dearly pragmatic of. 

The shocking update regarding my music gear

Now back to the techno, the part we’ve all been waiting for, and I’ll get straight to the point. As of the start of this year I’ve sold all three of my favorite pieces of music gear. My LIVID CNTRL:R, my LIVID ELEMENTS Midi Controller, and lastly my Alias 8. Why did I do it you ask? Well I’ll tell you…


For this year 2020 and forward, I choose to go about things in a more sanguine fashion. It was essential that I continue to set out a plethora of goals and ambitions for myself. One of the most important goals akin to going back to my techno roots and releasing new music on my label, VycVyper Recordings. But in the process of doing so, I wanted to completely revamp the state of my overall studio setup. Something that can bring about more inspiration and allow me to explore deeper realms of creativity. In all honesty, I felt like the music equipment I had was a bit of an “overkill” so to speak. What I mean by that is that there were way too many knobs, sliders, faders and buttons that I barely made use of. This resulted in alot of procrastination throughout the overall music making process. I was spending more time trying to wrap my head around the complex ‘technicalities’ of setting up and maintaining all the midi and CC controls; as opposed to just making music. Not only was this counterproductive but it often left me in a state of frustration as I felt like I wasn’t making any progress whatsoever. This led to feelings of repudiation, and later writers block. So I knew I needed to come up with a new game plan if I planned on expanding my own catalog of music to share with the world in a timely manner. This resulted in completely selling off all three of the midi controllers and never looking back. It was finally time to move on. It was obviously a very hard decision to make, as I developed a close relationship with those devices. But at least I know that they have a new home in which they are being put to good use rather than collecting dust in mine. Onwards and upwards I always say. 


I came to the conclusion that the perfect solution for me was to ‘dumb down’ my setup. I felt like building a more minimalist studio setup with limited tools would force me into a mode of heightened creativity. A psychological ploy that would enable me to harness the limited tools that I have available in my arsenal which would ultimately stipulate more music releases. This was something I even discussed with my girlfriend who helped me dig deeper into the idea. It was only until I discovered ‘table top’ synths when I finally realized the potential of being able to pull this off.  ‘Table top synths‘, are basically miniature synthesizer versions of their larger, original factory made counterparts. The best features about them includes their reduced size which in turn, maximizes the available space in the music studio. This ensures a more roomy and concise music production experience devoid of clutter. Add to that their handy mobility due to being small in nature. It was a no brainer for me to dig more into this option, so that’s what I’ll be doing. I’ll be sure to give you an update as I already have a few on my wish-list. 


A much more concise approach to the bigger, ‘clunkier’ alternative of the big synths.


Since the start of this year, I also announced a new series that I started on my Youtube channel called ‘Techno Reactions‘. A series where I react on camera, raw and unedited, as I listen to some of my favorite electronic music tracks of all time. This was a project that stems from an idea that I seeded over a year ago and finally took the plunge. So far I’ve created 6 episodes, and once again due to my hiatus, had to take some time away. I do want to extend my thanks and appreciation for those who have watched the episodes so far. My original plan was to run an experiment and see how large I can grow the channel organically without doing any promotion for a while whatsoever. Just solely SEO and search terms in Google and Youtube. As for the episodes, there are many more in the works and I do plan on making Techno Reactions a long term project. I also plan on maybe including more people on the series such as friends and family which would make it all the more amusing and entertaining. So this is something I am really looking forward to. I do however, plan on making some changes to the theme of the series and maybe the way the videos are structured. But I’ll save that for another post!

Techno Reactions
“Techno Reactions”Youtube series. Check it out!


This next part that I am about to mention is something that I have been brainstorming deeply alongside the help of my girlfriend. Many of you remember my Techno-Merch store that I started quite some time ago but ended up abandoning for personal reasons. Well, the Techno-Merch store will be fully revamped and re-released soon. With the original inventory of clothing and merch that it had previously, and new designs will be added as well. But this time, due to the rising competition in these times, I have to go at it with a more unique approach. I have added a surprise twist to one of the clothing items I’ll have for sale. An idea that I don’t think any clothing company has ever done before….More info on that soon too!  



So all in all, as you can see the past few months have been a slew of emotional and logical hurdles. But it was all for the better and I am very excited to see what this year has in store. Interestingly enough, despite my short hiatus, this blog continues to receive a healthy amount of traffic every single day. I’ve also been getting more fans on the newsletter and subscribers to the Youtube channel so I owe it to you guys to keep pushing out more content within the realm of electronic music. From the core of my heart, thank-you for understanding. And for the love of electronic music, I wish you all a happy and safe new year filled with lots of love and techno. Be on the lookout for my next post. Things will get more interesting I promise.


-Brandon Peoples 

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