Old track I made in 2009 called “Interstellar”

The story behind “Interstellar”

Late last year, I made a post on my instagram where I mentioned how I was digging up my old IDE hard-drives from 2012 and prior to retrieve some old musical projects of mine. Unfortunately, some of the hard-drives were unrecoverable but others were. Luckily, with the drives that were recoverable, I was able to retrieve some old Techno and Trance tracks I made back when I was a teenager. One of the tracks I found, was a trance track I created in 2009 called, “Interstellar” by my Trance alias Astrophillix


Astrophillix interstellar


I’m not sure if anyone remembers a site called CTG music (Rip). But it was an old forum where electronic musicians would submit their tracks; for reviews/feedback on a chart based ranking system. Way back in 2009, me and my friend Baltzar from Stockholm, Sweden; each decided to submit a track for a competition that was held on the site. Out of hundreds of track submits, my track “Interstellar” made #38 on the charts. Baltzar made a track called “Rocket Theory” that he submitted and made #18 (incredible track till this day..) Me and Baltzar also made a collab track together called “Sunrise” (posted on my Soundcloud).

I was 17 years old when I made this and it was produced in Reason 4.0. Put my heart and soul into it. “Astrophillix” was a secret alias I created that I wanted to produce trance under, but I only ended up making this track. A year later I decided to release on my label VycVyper Recordings. I actually have alot of unfinished tracks, many of which were lost that never made it to the net…Regardless, Fun times indeed.

Track: Astrophillix- “Interstellar” 


Free Download Here: https://soundcloud.com/brandonpeoples/astrophillix-interstellar



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