My Synth1 Preset Video amassed over 100k views! THANKYOU

25,000 Synth1 presets

There are many accomplishments in life that we are all proud of. But there’s no greater feeling than knowing that you’ve helped many others who share a common passion and interest with you. I uploaded the Synth1 VST Preset video back in May of 2016 because I wanted to give music producers the chance to have a large library of sounds to work with for absolutely free. Since then, as you can see this video by itself has amassed over 100,000 video views and has been spread all across the net. There’s no telling the amount of amazing music that has been released in the world from working with this VST Synth and Preset pack. I have mentioned time and time again that this is the only vst instrument you will ever need if you use it to it’s greatest potential.


I would like to extend my gratitude in this post for all of you who expressed your appreciation for the Synth1 Presets over the past 3 years. Thank-you to all.  🙂


-Brandon Peoples

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