Synth1 Mac VST Installation 2018 *FIX*

Hello Techno Addicts! It’s finally here. A new tutorial video was uploaded on the Techno-Addicts Youtube channel for proper installation of the Synth1 Mac VST. Click To Tweet This is the newest updated tutorial as of October 2018 found on the net. For the past year or so, many Synth1 MAC users have made it known that the Synth1 Mac VST had compatibility issues with the newest FL Studio Version 20. I had mentioned in another blog post that this was mainly due to the Synth1 Mac Ver1.13beta8 being released back in 2015. So a three-year-old VST is bound to have some problems as a result of inactivity on updates. However, I have discovered that as the Synth1 Mac VST is made up of two parts (Component & VST File); the AU component is rendered useless. As a matter of fact, the AU component is the culprit for the incompatibility issues. So the best way to solve this issue is to not even use the AU component and only use the VST file.

AU Component Folder
As you can see, the AU Component folder was left completely blank (of course for the sake of this tutorial- my other AU Components were temporarily removed.) This location can be found in HD > LIBRARY > AUDIO > PLUG-INS > COMPONENTS.
VST Folder
This is where we drag the VST file to. The VST folder. Location can be found in HD > LIBRARY > AUDIO > PLUG-INS > COMPONENTS. 

Upon completing these first two steps, you’re already halfway there! The other half involves properly extracting the (.ZIP) 25,000 Synth1 Presets file using iZip Unarchiver so that each individual (.ZIP) preset bank extracts correctly. Each soundbank will be extracted to a new REGULAR folder on the desktop renamed, “25,000 Synth1 Presets” so that it is easy to pinpoint.  After that, there are only a few more steps to go. To view the rest don’t forget to check out the tutorial video here!


-Brandon Peoples
Techno Addicts

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